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Meet Carrie, Wife, Mother, Thriver.

Carrie’s Breast Cancer Update💖.

I’ve been in hospice care for over a month now. Some days are good, some days are harder. October is harder in general ,it’s not a fun month for Breast Cancer patients. This isn’t “our” month or an exciting time to decorate ourselves with the color pink to raise awareness. Just so we’re clear. A few “awareness” slogans: “I stare because I care” “Save second base” “I am a breast man” “Big or small, let’s save them all” “I’m here for the boobies” “Save the boobies” “Save the hooters” “Don’t let breast cancer steal second base” “Boobies make me smile” “Breast in show” “Think pink” “Pink power” “These boobs were made for walking’” “Put your breast foot forward” And “If only women paid as much attention to their breasts as men do… Did you notice what wasn’t mentioned in those slogans, even once? THE WOMAN. A WOMAN. ANY WOMAN. Did you notice that last awareness campaign and slogan BLAMES WOMEN FOR THIS DISEASE? Do you know what is mentioned when that woman dies from metastatic breast cancer? That she “lost” a battle. No, she didn’t. She did not. She lost her life, her family, the opportunity to see her children grow up or her partner grow old. Or just the opportunity to put her feet on this earth, her toes in the sand, reach her hand out for a hello. She lost everything, but not a battle. She was never weak. This is not in our hands. We don’t lose because we aren’t strong enough, we die because there is no cure and not enough of the right help and understanding. Most women would dissect their own body and amputate their own limbs to stay here, on this earth, with their loved ones for one more day. I certainly would, I did and I will certainly do whatever it takes to stay longer. I’ve been working so hard. I’ve gone from 0% air flow in my right lung ,big pain, gurgling in my own fluids, not able to walk, shower or feed myself without help. Massive muscle wastage. Getting around using the furniture, a scooter or wheelchair, most times I’m on my little old lady walker, unable to get my legs out of bed and into pants and socks alone, unable to eat, nauseaswith no appetite. After over a month of in homecare and delicious home cooked food filled with love and the hard work of key people and my friends and family I am back up and walking again! This week I have little or no pain when I breathe, I have a good 60% airflow in both lungs. I walked around the house these last 2 days completely unassisted. I’ve been able to shower by myself again. My appetite is back, I’m eating lots of food and the nauseahas gone away. I’ve been able to leave the house 3 times so far this month~ today I fed my neighbors horses!!! This week most days have been good days 💖✨ I feel so grateful to be alive 💖✨💫 I have so much gratitude for all the help I have been given 💖 Now accepting donations of LoVing Energy 💗 -Carrie

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