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Chia Superfood: An indulgence that provides energy.

A delicious way to satiate and energize without overindulging. This yummy sugar-free treat is full of omega essential fatty acids and crushes your cravings for a long lasting vital YUM! Use it for breakfast or anytime you need healthy energy.

Now that you're aware of all the things you can do to create a healthier body, mind, spirit; here's a recipe created by our founder to:

This recipe rocks! I feel good and happy when I choose this simple, tasty and healthy recipe. What a great treat. Thank you. –You Can Thrive! member

You Can Thrive! has been educating at our events and testing recipes for people who have been health challenged. Transitional eating is a speciality in or organization since 2005. Luana DeAngelis founded this organization after her own diagnosis. As a life long pioneer in holistic health and epigenetic restructuring, she curated certain recipes over time to help you indulge without guilt and thrive without fear.

Trehalose is a new ingredient for many. We're taking you to a new level in your sugar free lifestyle by highlighting this ingredient in a healthy recipe that will make your day vivacious! Order here and choose You Can Thrive! as your charity of choice.

Superfood Pudding! Oh my.



3 1/4 cups of Almond Milk (unsweetened vanilla and/or chocolate)

3 tbsp (more or less sweeten to taste) of trehalose or stevia or monkfruit

¼ cup of crushed raw almonds

¼ cup Chia Seeds

¼ cup powdered cacao nibs

2 tbs unsweetened organic chocolate cocoa powder

1 tsp vanilla

1 small pinch of salt

Optional (some naughty) ingredients:

1-oz of Kaluha, Frangelico or other liquor (Godiva, Gran Manier)

Drop of Young Living essential oil. Choose a few drops of orange or tangerine 🍊 oil for a great flavor addition.

Mix or shake the liquid ingredients in large (preferably glass) jar


Chia Seed + any other chosen dry ingredients

Mix well (shaking in a jar is best)

Refrigerate (glass jar preferred)

Mix or shake again an hour later to prevent clumping

Eat after 3-6 hours but 24 hours is preferred

Can be topped with:

shaved dark chocolate



Whipped Cream

Pine or other nuts

Shaved dark chocolate

Shredded dried coconut


Vanilla / Coconut Raw Chia Seed Pudding

3 cups of Almond Milk (unsweetened vanilla and/or chocolate)

3 tbsp (more or less sweeten to taste) of trehalous *or monkfruit, stevia

1/4 cup (or more) of shredded dried coconut

1 tsp vanilla

1 small pinch of salt

Optional (naughty) ingredients:

1-2 oz of Coconut rum or coconut flavoring

2 Tbs of unsweetened organic chocolate cocoa powder

2 oz shaved dark chocolate

2 oz of shredded dried coconut

Mix the liquid ingredients in large (preferably) glass jar


other dry ingredients and Chia Seed

Mix well or shake

Mix again an hour to prevent clumps.

Eat in 3-6 hours, overnight is preferred.

Optiona Toppings:

Can be topped with whipped cream and many other yummy ingredients. Get creative!


Health tip: We tend to choose low-lectin and though Chia seeds do contain lectins we enjoy this occasionally. It may be beneficial to not layer lectin rich foods to reduce inflammation. Seeds, grain and other high lectin foods can create leaky gut syndrome. Be sure to use this in moderation for a soothing snack. If you have inflammation, as many people do, you may want to try a lectin cleans for a few months before moving into a more lectin aware lifestyle. We will talk more about this at our online classes and seminars!

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Yes, I completely agree with you, chia is just an incredibly healthy product, its properties and structure can replace several fruits at the same time. I remember when I was prescribed a diet with chia, it was something incredible, such a quick and cool effect, I was just in shock, and after that I started eating it just like that. While we're on the subject of chia, I'd like to ask if you've ever seen a gua sha images, and if not, you should look for it right away. This is also a very cool thing, although it is not a product for consumption, it is perfect for massage and skin cleansing, I have already gone to a session where…

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