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You Can Thrive! provides access to exercise resources like daily yoga and meditation offerings, live and virtual! Meditation and exercise are key to recovery and long-term wellness.

Find a class or event here and don't forget to move your body!

Move Today and Move Forward!

Regular exercise promotes long-term wellness, elevates mood, and can substantially reduce the risk of cancer recurrence. You Can Thrive! members are eligible for free yoga and meditation classes, 7 days a week,

at Reflections Yoga near Union Square.

Sound Meditation &
Reiki Restoration
Bare Bones & Basic Flow 
Dynamic Stretch
& Deep Stretch
These classes and more are possible thanks to the kindness and generosity of Reflections Yoga.
Just 3 hours of physical exercise each week can cut the risk of Breast Cancer recurrence
by up to 50%.
- Cancer Research UK
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