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Therapeutic Sound! It's all the rage. Here's the down low on ways to engage.

Updated: May 4, 2023

Sound is currently the biggest rage in health and healing! It's in fashion! Isn’t that wonderful? For a good reason! For those of you who have experienced therapeutic sound online and at live events you are probably hooked and want to immerse yourself more fully in its benefits. Now that you have blissed out on this method you know it can help us to relax, unwind, feel better and even reprogram healthier brainwave states and effective mental hygiene.

In this article we educate more about how sound can best be utilized so you can express that to your friends. We want to illuminate your brain on how therapeutic sound and sound therapy differs. If sound has piqued your interest, let the experts at You Can Thrive! guide you into this journey.

All sound is a powerful method of relaxing the body and entraining the brainwaves into healthier and more expanded frequencies, such as alpha/theta, delta and even gamma brainwaves states. For clarity, when we talk about this exciting adventure into the world of sound waves we begin to understand that this is how matter is created, strengthened and even dissolved. It is that powerful.

Therapeutic Sound: this method uses a sensitive practitioner playing instruments alone or in groups. These instruments evoke overtone and harmonic emissions or resonant sound waves. Instruments such as gongs, bowls, tuning forks (and many others). These types of instruments create a wave pattern you can hear it as WA WA WA WA WA WA in faster and slower patterns. These patterns relax the brain. Sound can also help your brain shift into alpha/theta (between awake and asleep), Delta (deep sleep) and Gamma (heightened conscious punctuated by superconscious brainwave patterns).

Sound Therapy on the other hand, differs in its delivery but not so much in its goal. This method uses a licensed Psychotherapist to facilitate different sound and instrumentation as a vehicle in the facilitation of talk therapy. Both the practitioner and the client may play the instruments to help release trauma and support the clients needs. This also creates resonant and dissonant waves. Dissonant sounds create the feeling or need for change in the listener, the need for movement in new directions.

All the states that these instruments entrain are beneficial but the key is to get to the in-between state of alpha/theta or half awake, half asleep. Alpha/theta is where children reside when they are in early childhood taking in information which will stick. This is the state where learning and programming takes place. When you are able to spend some time in this state and even better when you have a practitioner you trust to give you affirmative suggestions during alpha/theta you can re-program similar to the way children can learn and embody or reroute lifelong beliefs and habits.

Sometimes you can access Gamma magical creation after spending time in theta. In this way we can effectively adjust our negative personality traits or thought patterns. This is so you can thrive with expanded loving, compassionate and less fearful states of being. Practicing heightened emotional states are key in consciousness expansion.

With all types of sound it is paramount to have an experienced and ethical guide that has sensitivity. Great facilitators of this method become very sensitive to energy. They read the room and help support you if traumatic patterns unwind or emotions begin to surface.

Each type of therapeutic intervention creates vibration in the tissues and organs. This can elicit responses that help people feel secure so the body releases pent up emotions, traumas and habit-patterns.

For this reason at You Can Thrive! Therapeutic high-level sound events are curated for our community to be infused with Reiki and made affordable. Practitioners in our live and online Twilight Tuesday and other private sound events. This creates a safe fully supported space in lieu of a licensed sound psycho therapist. In this way you are safe enough to travel in a container created by practitioners with decades of experience and supported by community. In this sacred container, if emotions or trauma begin arise there is energetic support to help you cleanse and clearing for profound long-lasting benefits.

You Can Thrive! Has been facilitating sound events open to the public for over 10 years and for people with cancer since 2005. All donations generated benefit free private care to those with cancer diagnosis. In this way we give as we receive in true service to the community and up level our consciousness. We invite you to join us at on Zoom Twilight Tuesday event your free ticket link is below. Feedback if you love this program!


• Use wired headphones for best entrainment (wired are best to avoid electromagnetic radiation which is not beneficial)

• Drink plenty of water before and after to flush toxins

• Be especially kind to yourself, healing sometimes brings up emotions or moods so they can be cleared. Healing is a journey not a destination.

• Show up weekly *(daily is best find more on our YouTube) for yourself and amplify your donations to help others this completes the cycle for healing

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