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Let’s talk about hair, baby!

Hair. Oh hair. We all know how important hair can be to one’s overall feeling of confidence. Since the beginning of time, hair signifies strength, virility and beauty. So women are constantly on the search for good hair. How to make it fuller, longer, stronger, healthier or simply how to keep it and how to grow it. So what happens after you’ve beat your cancer diagnosis and are thriving but your hair has now decided to NOT cooperate. Your new quest entails, hats, scarves and even turbans. The bald patchy spots or thin hair is now something that you have to accept as your new daily routine in the mirror. This is why I wanted to write this post for Luana and the You Can Thrive! community.

Now, back to hair. Many women for a variety of reasons, including treatment have their

hair grow back with sprinkled bald spots throughout. We always recommend rosemary oil as it promotes activity within the follicles. If you’re patient it often works. But I also get so many women that simply want a solution right now. For that, there are so many options under the sun. Women can use mini tape-in extensions that are lightweight and almost invisible so perfect for those patchy, pesky bald spots. What if you’re thinning at the crown, which many women come to me with this problem. Extensions wouldn’t work well in that top area because you would be able to see them but we have created a topper that sits flat in that area and even has a little bit of bangs to crown your face and make it look fuller. Then you can use extensions for the thinner overall part. Expensive, right? No, the opposite. When we set out to launch our company we wanted to disrupt the model of high cost of hair extensions because traditionally you’re buying them from a salon or stylist. With Lux, we are direct to consumer. So now, you can either find a stylist on our network or walk into YOUR salon with hair in hand. Full price-transparency.

Yes, I can talk about hair for days. We are here to help you and we are here to help YCT, so please send along any questions you may have and we most likely can help you find your best solution so you can get back to YOU.

Victoria Flores Co-Founder, Lux Beauty Club

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