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MJ - a weekly treasure

Join us on Thursday, December 14 and every Thursday evening for the ancient healing sounds of the live gong, tuning forks, bowls and voice. We combine this methodology with powerful Reiki to boost your mood and energy. This hour-long Thursday series will get you feeling relaxed and empowered, and leave your vibrational energy charged and aligned. It's like a massage for your brain!

Thursdays 5:30-6:30 @ REFLECTIONS YOGA

227 East 24th Street, New York, NY

Members: FREE Non-Members (not survivors): $25

Michael J is a gift from the Universe; we are so lucky to have him as one of the most relevant sound practitioners in the world. Michael's skill as a therapeutic sound practitioner invites clients into deep relaxation, allowing them to clear their minds and mitigate trauma - whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. .

This relaxed state allows for clients to engage in their own rehabilitation to reduce pain, improve sleep, and provide an outlet for expressing emotions.

MJ has graciously volunteered his gifts to YCT clients to help them on their healing journey; help us express out thanks by attending accepting his invitation to take responsibility for your own health - Members can book for free online non-members RSVP by calling 917.463.4267 or space goes fast!! RSVP today.

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