Understanding, the #1 Way to Help Someone with Cancer

What’s the #1 thing you can do to help someone with cancer. UNDERSTANDING. Understanding of the politics of cancer and funding, and through that understanding helping to create awareness of THEIR plight in this conundrum.

How can we really create a change in the health of our population and help people with cancer, prevent the disease and even cure it. We need….. a true shift in our focus as a society from treatment of disease to prevention of it. But how can we really do this?

Research is essential, but consider this: Last year the drug/pharma industry was worth over 363 BILLION dollars. That’s a LOT of zeros. We all think of people like your sister, mother, aunt, friend, etc. when we donate or walk for “Pink” Causes. Because we know someone who has suffered, right? Please know that pink funding almost completely bypasses those going through this illness.

But in 2005, You Can Thrive! a charity focused on a new prevention and relief paradigm began it’s grassroots effort to provide access to health resources in NYC. It was founded because it was unimaginable to another survivor, that people had to endure this breast cancer journey without a safe, affordable space to heal, and receive holistic services and the preventative resources needed to recover affordably and permanently.

How can we leave the women, our sisters and mothers to suffer? If we do not nurture the nurturers, how can they pass their lessons and healthier habits on to the next generation? If we do nurture them YOU CAN BET they will, it’s what women DO.

This is how we can affect incidence and mortality of breast cancer. Once our focus shifts so will the health of our population. But healthier people– isn’t very profitable is it?


READ THIS ARTICLE WASHINGTON POST Last year big pharma spent more on marketing/advertising and for entertainment for doctors and medical industry than it did on RESEARCH. Why? Because a huge percentage of our charity money funds drug research, and pharma’s bottom line. Additionally, $150 Million a year from US taxpayers comes in from the Department of Defense alone. BCRF has raised more than $500 Million in it’s quest, and Komen has given $685 million for research in the past 30 years and spends a vast amount on Mammograms and new machines (while owning stock in General Electric). All money raised is so hopeful, yet where is the progress?

How do you take well intended charitable donations, and end up with corporate profits? There are many ways that corporations profit from cancer as well. Just search PinkWashing. But we still focus on the CURE, right?

Ask yourself this, do you really believe that an industry that makes over 5 billion dollars off a single breast cancer drug is going to cure the disease tomorrow, or anytime soon? We see that those scientists who are researching natural cures, they are not being funded. There is no patentable/evidence based profits in their work, though it could have great promise for patients.

The important questions: How do we cure cancer, or fist reduce the rates and help ease suffering?