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Women’s Health Under Fire In Trump’s America

These days, the only thing we can be sure of in this moment is that 2017 will be rough for women in America.

There’s been a nationwide rise in hate crimes. There’ve been open attacks on women, POC, Jewish and Muslim folks, LGBTQ folks, and all other marginalized groups. The hate is real and the tension is palpable. We have reason to be afraid, and be uncertain.

Women’s health is under fire – young girls are scrambling to access Planned Parenthood resources and get IUDs while the option is still available. Thousands of donations to PP, ACLU, HRC, and numerous other non-profits defending the rights, health, and liberty of oppressed groups have been pouring in, the immediacy of these contributions motivated primarily by fear.

It’s safe to say that a Trump administration will make a priority of attacking women’s healthcare, and therefore women’s rights. We can assume there will be no net positive gain in women’s health even beyond abortion rights – we can expect new and expecting mothers to suffer, to continue receiving no compassion, no extended paid time off, in the workplace. We can expect women’s diseases to receive no especial treatment, no new advancements. Where does this leave women’s palliative care – an integral service that even under the Obama administration has had to struggle and make sacrifices in order to receive recognition and adoption?

At You Can Thrive! we aim to continue persevering, continue being a community presence and source of support, for women in the New York area even under the worst and most terrifying of circumstances. We promise to be available, to continue working to provide these incredible integrative care resources for women in need. When you suffer, we suffer too, and when you thrive, we all thrive – this is the meaning and the promise of sisterhood.

In the darkest and most uncertain of times, we strive to be a dependable source of love and light.

We hope you might join us at Reflections Yoga classes, at our monthly community events, or our annual metastatic retreat. We hope you might become a community member, an ambassador and leader, and help spread the word of this safe space. We hope you might contribute to moving the mission forward in whatever means you have – social media promotion, event attendance or volunteering, a donation or sponsorship, or helping us relocate to a permanent home. We look forward to someday serving our community under one roof again, and we work tirelessly to realize this goal.

Thank you for being PINK FOR PEOPLE. Love, light, and gratitude.

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