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Kitchen Rehab: Goodbye, Toxins!

Great health starts in your kitchen!

Say goodbye to these dirty dozen offenders and hello to a clean slate

1. GOODBYE, canola oil! Made from the rape plant, canola oil is a GMO product that has been deodorized with hexane, a known toxin, and also undergoes chemical stages that form trans fats. Watch for canola oil in most processed foods, baked goods, popcorn, bread, mayonnaise, salad dressings, salad bars, etc. Other vegetable oils may undergo chemical processing, and in many cases may be rancid and GMO.

HELLO, HEALTHY REPLACEMENTS Coconut oil and grape seed oil both withstand high temperatures. Olive oil can be used, but not for high temperatures. All of these oils should be cold pressed, unfiltered and extra virgin, and packaged in glass containers, not plastic.

2. GOODBYE clear and wine vinegar! This acetic acid is better suited to industrial uses.

HELLO, HEALTHY REPLACEMENT Look for apple cider vinegar, a malic acid from apples, and choose raw, unfiltered brands like Bragg Organic. Apple cider vinegar helps with digestion, PH balance, supporting a healthy immune system, removing toxins, providing enzymes and potassium and so much more.

3. GOODBYE, refined table salt! This product is processed and lacks minerals.

HELLO, HEALTHY REPLACEMENT Himalayan salt provides minerals, is not processed and it tastes better. Celtic sea salt is another good option.

4. GOODBYE, artificial sweeteners! They are made from chemicals and contain no health benefits.

HELLO, HEALTHY REPLACEMENT Dark Stevia benefits the pancreas, has a glycemic index of zero and no calories or carbs. Look for Sweet Leaf-Whole Leaf Concentrate (dark), which is all natural and not chemically processed or bitter like some other brands. Light is ok, too, and even agave is better than anything that is chemically based.

5. GOODBYE, packaged food! Watch out for food with more than five ingredients, and items with sugar at the top of the ingredient list.

HELLO, HEALTHY REPLACEMENT Whole foods, in their natural state.

6. GOODBYE, flavor enhancers! MSG and its by-products, autolyzed yeast extract, hydrolyzed soy/vegetable protein and sodium caseinate are neuro-toxins.

HELLO, HEALTHY REPLACEMENT Consider Bragg Nutritional Yeast Seasoning, a vegan, salt- and sugar-free product with a cheese-like flavor and B vitamins. Bragg Organic Sea Kelp Seasoning is rich in minerals with 24 herb and spices, but salt free. Turmeric boosts flavor while lending its anti-cancer properties. Fresh mint and other natural herbs work wonders, too.

7. GOODBYE, tap and bottled water! Tap water contains over 300 chemicals. Bottled water, in most cases, is not much better, while xenoestrogens from BPA plastic leach into the water (not to mention the environmental toll of plastic).

HELLO, HEALTHY REPLACEMENT Solid block carbon filter are best rated by the EPA. A stand-alone gravity filtration system does not require electricity or a plumbing connection. Ceramic filters are somewhat similar, but don’t remove as many contaminants. Remember to use filtered water for cooking and brewing tea.

8. GOODBYE, indoor air pollution! We are spending more time inside than outside, making fresh air indoors vital.

HELLO, HEALTHY REPLACEMENT Green plants are natural air cleaners. Open windows as much as possible; clean the

kitchen floor often with water and microfiber mop; get rid of dust, which traps toxins; and keep shoes at the door.

9. GOODBYE, old cookware! Avoid aluminum and Teflon, non-stick items coated with PTFE. Carcinogens and heavy metals can come off cookware and get into food at high temperatures. Aluminum foil should not be used for cooking purposes.

HELLO, HEALTHY REPLACEMENT Consider cast iron and enameled cast iron (naturally non-stick); clad stainless steel (contains inner layers of heat conducting metals); glass/Pyrex; and stoneware (made from clay). Look for the “Made in the USA” labels for best quality.

10. GOODBYE, plastic storage containers! These environmentally unfriendly items likely contain BPA and phthalates, endocrine disruptors that mimic estrogen. Recyclable #3 and #7 plastic are the worse. Never reheat food in plastic and do not wrap food in plastic.

HELLO, HEALTHY REPLACEMENT Store food in glass containers with glass lids. When on the go, glass with plastic lids make a good choice. For drinks, try stainless steel water bottles.

11. GOODBYE, chemical cleaning products! Why introduce harmful chemicals into our environment and our bodies when

“cleaning” our houses?

HELLO, HEALTHY REPLACEMENT Reusable microfiber e-cloths clean all surfaces with just water; 480,000 fibers per square

centimeter absorb grease, dirt and bacteria, eliminating the need for paper towels. The cloths can last years, for more than 300 washes.

Young Living sells an eco-friendly Thieves Household Cleaner. For scrubbing, try sea salt. Use oven liners or clean the oven with a paste of orange oil, baking soda and water.

12. GOODBYE, emotional toxins! A home or relationships filled with fear, anger, resentment, bitterness, envy, and lack of forgiveness, will remain toxic.

HELLO, HEALTHY REPLACEMENT Usher in love, gratitude and spirituality. Allow anything that’s not needed to consciously fall away.

To sustain healthy habits, what you have in your kitchen and environment matters!

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