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We Create Miracles..... Together

Dear hearts! These are very serious times and we wish you and yours a safe and peaceful experience during the Solstice, all holidays and beyond.

We are sharing this photograph which was taken Christmas night 2012 by the founder of You Can Thrive! see it, and allow it to activate the sincerest belief that we have moved out of the darkness into the light. Please know that miracles are available, we have proof, and will be posting more content soon! Do not be disheartened by present circumstance, see in your minds eye what you wish to happen and feeling it already done is the magic that creates. Let’s BELIEVE in a more beautiful world because that FAITH will aid in our ascension to it. Creating light always, in all ways. We are here for you, we never left. Since 2005, You Can Thrive! manages an integrative model with education and services, making them affordable or free. This true care model means that holistic services, the mother's medicine thrives. We give help to those with cancer as we have always done, but to help support a human in need, when it’s needed most. Resilience and caring for others, as ourselves is the most important thing you can do. We've got each other's back.

In providing free care for all these years we stand in the knowledge that tens of thousands of holistic treatments given, means success. We have traversed life and death with so many, helped them through their hardest times, and we want to thank YOU for being there through it all. Your support has bolstered our community immunity, and more importantly sustained our system changing model since 2005. This is about creating true equality in access to care. Expanding a concept whose time has certainly come. Thus, we raise consciousness-- the the most crucial aspect of our model. It's not just about giving one service for relief, but helping those who feel disparaged who may have never even had the time or money for entertaining treatment. Now is the time we will band together in order to support a sea change in our system. Providing relief services is an act of social justice. When you give, someone receives care. It’s that simple.

No other organization has attempted what our community has created; access to mental and physical methods in a model that resonate and inspires. Many of you have given because you received. Whether you’ve volunteered your time/energy, given back as a donor or as someone who received care. You may have participated at one of our ongoing events, or been a corporate sponsor, we love you! The staff, board members and those who share by spreading the word. Thank you. If you showed up at one of our centers bearing food for another survivor to share that day, it was so meaningful. We are excited to be here, even in the hardest times, still serving our community both online in our model, and in a future large open healing space. Won’t it be wonderful to have large sound events with essential oils, massage, acupuncture and Reiki again? We look for your help in fostering this vision in whatever way you are able, give. If you have a dollar please consider a gift, if you do not have a dollar, write a five star review share it, send a social media shoutout, or just send us good thoughts! The science has shown it all makes a difference! We must displace fear with love if we are to recreate our world. "Holistic medicine is not 'alternative' it is the original medicine and it must take its' rightful honoring as the feminine aspect of health. We've been medicalized. But we know that healing is much deeper than drugs. What have we given up if we can no longer touch, hug or even breathe without fear? Too much. Your light is the reason and sustenance that can dispel any darkness, create any change. Let's do this! The foundation of a whole care system starts with women and moves outward in waves of service to humanity. Humanity needs it. Your gift is the opportunity to serve and show faith. As we give service our whole world changes. When we we give time, give care, we give the gift of comfort. This magnetizes our soul with long term ripples that move oceans. Nourish even one woman, give one mindful gift, and you enhance the frequency the ALL. Now, we give consciously and disown all aspects of separation. We call that reality forth. We are hardwired as one organism. We are not wired to be separate.

Today I ask for your help. If you have been a part of our community, or wish to be, pledge and consider a monthly gift, but bless is with a gift and we will give care to others. We think of you always, in all ways. As we move through the dark time and back out into the light, even the smallest gifts are beacons into the world, showing faith that we will get through this. Together we will recreate healthier, more equitable tolerant and just society. We thank you for being with us in this important mission. We can’t wait to see you again in 2022. We stand united for the purposes of healing. Join the movement.

Reach out, the angels are here if you need anything. Be well. Be Happy. Be Free.

You Can Thrive, Luana DeAngelis, Founder/CVO

Remember: We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization as such, your donation is tax deductible! Please consider supporting us and making a donation by the end of the year.

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