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Qigong for Health and Vitality class with Siewli Stark on Instagram Live April 8th & 15th 4-6 p.m

Please join our  YCT! Friend Siewli Stark for a grounding, centering qigong flow practice where we get to “see” each other, breathe, move, dance, smile, and connect with each other in a sweet and nourishing community.  This is a beautiful time to connect with what matters most to us. Qigong is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine that promotes healing with gentle movements, self-applied massage, and meditation. Qi means 'life force energy’ or breath, and gong means 'to master, to cultivate, to build'. Thus, Qigong is the cultivation and mastery of life force energy. The ancient Chinese believe that qi flows through the body in the form of channels and meridians, just like water flows through the body of the earth in the form of rivers and streams. Qi flows freely and smoothly when we’re healthy and relaxed, but when we are tense, stressed, or sick, qi can become stagnant, excessive, or deficient. The practice of Qigong can help us maintain or rebalance the flow of qi, promoting it’s ability to heal the body and mind, and to bring us to a state of optimal health and vitality. This class is an introduction to the basics qigong practice and it’s healing potentials. Please join us. No experience necessary.

Qigong for Health and Vitality class with Siewli Stark on Instagram Live @youcanthrive

April 8th & 15th 4-6pm

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