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Choose Love Online Daily Dance Club

Every day for 50 days during the Quarantine the Choose Love Online Daily Dance Club will gather together and dance. This Friday join one of two dance sessions to benefit You Can Thrive! - at 3pm and 8pm EST. .


A word from one of our board members Dr. Caroline Hardridge, doctor of Osteopathic Medicine:

“Joy, that smile from deep within, is connected to a host of neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin) which are consistent with a robust immune system (higher T Cell and Natural Killer cells). Changing the neurochemical soup in which you live affects your immunity. So, from stopping to smell the roses, to great sex, to making art, to meditation, do what brings you joy and be healthier for it.”

Because dancing is one of the most life-affirming things we can do right now. As Alice Walker famously said: “Hard times require furious dancing.”

Whether you are a club kid, a holistic hippy mama or a fitness fanatic, this is a place for you, your friends and the whole family. The Choose Love Club is an opportunity to learn from beloved dance teachers and movement facilitators all around the world, and then let it all go with DJ’s who will move your heart and soul.

Participants Report High Levels of Happiness.

Use THIS LINK to join the dancing -

Friday's classes will benefit You Can Thrive! Any amount that feels good to you.

Meet Founder Margot Schulman and the Choose Love Dance Club

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