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More Exciting News!

Exciting news! Now you can have You Can Thrive!'s therapeutic sound experience with you anywhere you go. For the first time ever founder Luana DeAngelis is launching a recording of the energetic guided meditation and sound from our weekly Sound/ Energy/ Alchemy for you to purchase and download. Listen to live instruments and combine with your own breath! Just listen to Luana and when you inhale SQUEEZE your internal abdomen as tight as you can as you breathe in and release. This work can take your mind to new heights of inner healing. Come back restored and balanced. Use your new reinforced tranquility and strength to overcome all obstacles.

Even better, this month all proceeds from the Sound/ Energy/ Alchemy recording will be donated by Luana DeAngelis to You Can Thrive! fundraiser so that we may continue in providing the loving support and relief to our Thrivers with Breast Cancer. What better way to give to yourself and others by purchasing an SEA recording during Breast Cancer awareness month.


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