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You Can Thrive! Founder Luana DeAngelis Honored in November 2016 Issue of O Magazine

You Can Thrive! Founder Luana DeAngelis shares her journey in O Magazine feature

New York, NY – October/November 2016 – You Can Thrive! Founder Luana DeAngelis work is featured O Magazine’s November 2016 issue titled “The Beauty of Giving”. Luana DeAngelis battled breast cancer as a young survivor in 2004 and shortly thereafter went on to create a non-profit organization, You Can Thrive! to act as a resource and a community for women with breast cancer. Over the past 11 years Luana developed the only organization providing a fully accessible, replicable and multidisciplinary program. You Can Thrive! implements an early palliative intervention methodology to effect long-term outcomes in women with breast cancer by using a combination of holistic therapies in a community model with proven outcome data. She provides strong leadership in moving our system from treatment of disease to prevention of it. This paradigm represents a radical change in perspective: an emphasis on the victims of the disease rather disease with a true affordable Mind/Body/Spirit approach. This model is partnered with most area hospitals and is a novel approach in solving the cancer dilemma. In the past decade, NY has become a model city in the country for lowered mortality rates for black women and white women equally, which is not the case in other cities.

You Can Thrive! provides a unique approach to facilitating the best possible outcome for each client utilizing resources to effect Mind/Body/Spirit for long-term healing. Luana is passionate about communicating this information and advocating for a well-informed, integrative understanding. Her reputation and approach to this mission moved publishers at Oprah Winfrey’s magazine.

Our current system does not address the causes of disease, and falls short in creating long-term healing and health as a result; especially in the area of cancer care. Luana and her team of volunteers have created a systemic methodology with a model that is affordable for all persons with cancer. Addressing the environment and the way a person processes their environment and lifestyle factors is crucial. Every person diagnosed can have a much better chance of surviving and even thriving after cancer.

Luana DeAngelis and the You Can Thrive! team is extremely honored and grateful to have this cause highlighted in Oprah Winfrey’s famous and widely distributed publication. YCT hopes that this partnership will lead readers who have been affected by breast cancer themselves to reach out, join YCT, donate and take control of their self-care and long-term health.

About You Can Thrive! Foundation

You Can Thrive! is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization the creates resources to alleviate the psychosocial and physical distress of breast cancer survivors, through a free and low-cost patient-centered educational and wellness program, we promote better health after breast cancer. Our replicable program facilitates equal access to integrative resources like: acupuncture, aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki, and massage to reduce symptoms. We then educate participants to create risk-reduction plans through exercise and stress reduction techniques, seminars and personalized nutritional education programs. We enhance this with peer and pet-support and patient navigation, providing survivors the tools to become an empowered partner in the healing process.

About O The Oprah Magazine

The Oprah Magazine, often abbreviated to O Magazine or O, is a monthly publication created and distributed by Oprah Winfrey and the Hearst Corporation since 2000. The magazine publishes pieces on varying topics.


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