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The Canola Oil Con

Some “experts” will say canola oil is good for us and mainstream media will lead us to believe it is “good for the heart”.

Canola oil is primarily a monounsaturated fat with only a minimal amount of saturated fat, and is high in omega-3 fatty acids. Sounds good but here’s the problem –

There is no canola plant. In search of an affordable oil, the food industry INVENTED canola oil from the rapeseed plant. Developed through the hybridization of the rapeseed plant, canola oil undergoes extensive manufacturing processes of caustic refining, bleaching, degumming and deodorizing. The use of chemicals leaves toxic residue, while high heat turns the heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids rancid and into a trans fat, all of which are known health destroyers that inflame the body!

Canola oil is present at many salad bars, restaurants and most processed and prepared

foods, even those labeled “healthy." So be aware!


Extra virgin, cold pressed OLIVE OIL – Low temperatures. Great for salads. Reduces inflammation.

Extra virgin, cold pressed COCONUT OIL – Wide range of temperatures. Supports the immune system and so much more.

Grass-fed BUTTER or GHEE – Stable under high temperatures. Loaded with anti-oxidants.

RED PALM OIL – From palm fruit in unrefined state – Stable under high temperatures. Rich in Vitamin E and beta-carotene.

*Remember choose organic whenever possible.

by Debbie Pirrone, CHHC

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