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People Get Cancer Not Corporations

What is Breast Cancer awareness? Corporate fundraising? We think it would be beneficial if it were centered around the awareness that PEOPLE get cancer not CORPORATIONS.

Before you give money or buy PINK products be sure to ask some questions: Where do you want your money spent? What percentage of the money is profit? Where is the donation going? Is this product healthy or contributory to disease?? Is this ‘awareness’ or just a way to make profits or up business for a corporate interest?

What percentage of our charity funding creates drug and corporate profits? Who are you thinking about when you give to a cancer charity or buy a pink product? Who is really benefitting, how much?

We want you to ask the questions before you donate or support ANY pink cause. You may want to be aware of where your money is going. We all dream of a cure, but would it be helpful to give relief too?

Side effects, co-pays, a year off work at least for chemo. We ask. What percentage of the billions of dollars being spent on breast cancer really benefits the faces of those like my aunt or mother or sister or even brother who went through this? Each year The Department of Defense provides 150 million a year for breast cancer, hundreds of trained survivor advocates help to lobby for that funding. Yet 0% of the funding goes to help patients suffering now. Do you think a percentage of OUR pink funding should be earmarked to directly benefit people already diagnosed?

When you want to affect change or register your dissent, GIVE to an organization who works for people with cancer. Do your own research and give to You Can Thrive!

Direct, relief, now. Prevention tools forever. Hands on FREE help during the crisis. That could make a difference in the incidence and prevalence of cancer. So far nothing else has. Stop and think before you even consider pink.

Feed back directly to us if you’d like!

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