The Inextricable Link: Breast Health & Earth Health

As we approach another Earth Day 2020 in celebration to the countless wonder & magnificence of Mother Earth, we at You Can Thrive! asks an important question....

Is the health of the planet linked to the health of our bodies, particularly our breasts?

Well, many have referred to the breasts as the canaries in the coal mine.

The evidence cited in this NCBI review titled: State of the evidence 2017: an update on the connection between breast cancer and the environment reveals some insight on this discussion. According to this study it reinforces the conclusion that exposures to a wide variety of toxicants – many of which are found in common, everyday products and byproducts – can lead to increased risk for development of breast cancer. As concluded by the reports of the Presidential Cancer Panel [4] and the Interagency Breast Cancer and Environment Research Coordinating Committee [2], it is critical to recognize the growing literature demonstrating connections between exposures to environmental toxicants and later development of disease, including breast cancer, and to prioritize prevention both at the research and the public health levels. If you're interested in being a part of study like this check out Sisters Study

Check out the bounty of research at the MammAlive on the environmental link to Breast Health

What are some things you can do to both protect ya' chest & this beautiful planet:

1. Avoid tobacco in all its forms, including exposure to secondhand smoke.You don't have to be an international scientist to understand how you can try to protect yourself and your family.