Canola oil: the good, the bad and the ugly- you decide -Lisa O’Gorman, CEC

The following is a reprint of an article I found on canola oil. It says it all. I have always been frustrated with Whole Foods because almost everything on their “healthy” food bar is prepared with canola oil! To me, this makes all the “organic” items on it about as healthy as a bag a genetically modified, hydrogenated chips. The hidden truth about canola oil reminds me of the hidden truth about hydrogenated fats years ago. They were cheap and also served as a preservative. Touted as being healthy and harmless when it was far from the truth. The curtain needs to be lifted and the truth be known. Yes, its much less expensive than other oils and has very little flavor after all the processing it goes thru which I guess you might call “good”. Hey, I get it. Money is tight and we are all looking for ways to cut back and reduce our spending. One of my favorite sayings when it comes to my food purchases is…. “Pay now or pay later”!! Yes, it costs more now, but by not investing in my health, the chances of spending a lot more money in a doctor’s office is not unrealistic. Replacing canola oil with coconut oil is mentioned in the article. Yes, on one hand, unrefined virgin coconut oil is a much healthier option than canola oil, it is a high saturated fat and needs to be used in moderation.

8 Health Dangers of Canola Oil: Not the Healthy Oil You’ve Been Led to Believe

Apr 27, 2018 by Carly Fraser

Last Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Canola oil has practically taken over as the food processing industry’s oil of choice. Whether it’s mayonnaise, chips, or salad dressings, canola oil is usually the first, second or third ingredient on the list. Unfortunately, the health dangers of canola oil are far beyond what we’ve been led to believe.

So, if there aren’t any actual health reasons to use it, why would it be so widely used throughout the food industry? As with most reasons certain ingredients are used over others – the price. Canola oil is extremely inexpensive to grow and harvest. It is also very easy to grow, due to its genetic modifications and the fact that insects won’t go near it.

Canola oil was first created in the early 1970s as a natural oil. But in 1995, Monsanto created a genetically modified version of canola oil. By 2009, over 90 percent of the Canadian canola oil crop was genetically engineered (1).

What is Canola Oil?