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Loretta Friedman, not your average Chiro!

Cancer Patients Receive a Transformative Gift


It's not often we come across a health method in a field that we know little about. Meet Directional Non-Force Technique practitioner, Dr. Loretta Friedman. She's got tricks up her sleeve that really surprised us! Here are the results she got with one of our members; we found it worth writing about.

Transformative Help from an Expert

"Women with cancer are usually experiencing all sorts of physical discomfort and pain needlessly because no one told them they could get relief. Loretta Friedman provides relief and makes women going through cancer treatment more comfortable. Dr. Friedman offers Directional Non-Force Chiropractic, Lymph-biologics, nutritional support and metabolic detoxification; all designed to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation naturally."

Camilla, one of our dedicated You Can Thrive! members, was suffering with debilitating back and neck pain, gnawing shoulder pain and chronic headaches. After visiting a variety of practitioners over the years in an attempt to mitigate her symptoms, she was unsuccessful in finding anyone who could ease her pain.

When You Can Thrive! founder, Luana DeAngelis learned of Camilla's situation, she immediately called Dr. Loretta, whom she had personally received care from for a crippling neck injury, which was miraculously solved in just four visits after years of terrible pain.

When Luana's situation changed that swiftly, she knew this care was a rare find. She described the results and techniques as "Fascinating, just completely miraculous. I am blown away by her ability to my reduce bodily stress and pain without the 'stack and crack' technique. Her unique approach is lifechanging."

We thought that with Camilla's pain symptoms, maybe Dr. Loretta's Directional Non Force Chiropractic care could be a game changer for her. Directional Non Force Chiropractic is a low force, gentler form of body work which allows the body to gently transform areas of misalignment.

Camilla was also dealing with lymphedema, a common condition that arises as side-effect in the treatment of breast cancer. Lymphedema causes an accumulation of lymph fluid in the affected breast and arm and produces uncomfortable swelling. Another treatment that Dr. Loretta has been offering to You Can Thrive! members is called "lymph-biologics". Lymph-biologics significantly eases the swelling of breast and arm lymphedema.

When Dr. Loretta offered to volunteer her valuable time to care for Camilla, we asked Camilla some key questions in order to establish baseline levels of pain and gauge the outcome.

Hear a Thriver's Journey into healing

Dr. Friedman worked with Camilla to address the constant, stabbing right shoulder pain that registered as a 5 on the measure myself outcome profile scale of 0-6. After just four treatments, the shoulder pain resolved down to a 1 on the scale; her back is limber and her headaches and neck pain have greatly improved. Her second symptoms was headache and measured at 4. After four treatments that score had improved to a 2. Overall her pain improved drastically.

Overall, Camilla feels a dramatic improvement and describes Dr. Friedman as a skilled, meticulously thorough, and intuitive practitioner. Camilla expressed gratitude that Dr. Friedman listened intently to her concerns and used a unique technique to address a painful issue in a kind and gentle manner.

We wanted to share with you Dr. Loretta's information so you can find her if you need someone for your health needs. Please feed back so we can continue to share!

Find Dr. Loretta

Phone Number: 212-548-3265

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