Casting Call for "When She Thrives"

"When She Thrives" will be a video showcasing the importance of women in every area of our lives. Thrivers and their friends and families will get the opportunity to put the full force of your vibrant feminine power on display. Family members are encouraged to apply, as they are an important part of any Thriver's journey. We are especially looking for the following: a grandmother -a woman with children - all ethnicities - a 55+ father figure - an elderly couple - a new baby - a biracial couple - a lesbian couple - YCT! celebrates diversity - we are all one!

She is your daughter

She is your mother;

She is your partner,

Your significant other.

She is your best friend,

She is your wife;

A lover of love,

A giver of life.

She’s given birth to every leader,

Your nourishing feeder.

Your first touch,

Always there when you need her

She is your mom,

Ever reliable transporter.

A selfless carer,

Your unconditional supporter

She is your pillow,

She is your rock.

Your leader, your guide,

Your recharging dock.

She is also your grandma,

Your family’s matriarch.

The generous giver of gifts,

Your forever benchmark.

She is the rockstar,

She is the teacher,

The brilliant scientist,

The local street preacher.

She is the business maven,

The gamechanging CEO.

The heroine driving change,

With that fiery glow.

She is all of them,

She is one of us.