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Calling all Thrivers! Train with You Can Thrive! in patient navigation

THRIVERS UNITE! You Can Thrive! call to service.

As some of you may already know, our loving founder Luana has recently been re-diagnosed and is currently in treatment. In light of this, of our community mission to continue bringing services and sisterhood to women facing breast cancer, Luana has decided to build a team of Thrivers and survivors to give time in service and help us sustain our community bond. Thrivers looking to contribute 3-6 hours/week in service should get in touch! Ladies who are smart, capable, and dedicated to helping other women with breast cancer who come behind them, and helping them connect with comprehensive preventative care.

THRIVER NAVIGATOR: Volunteer responsibilities

  • Follow up with fellow survivors, by phone, email and in person

  • Find out how they’re doing and help navigate them into services, resources, etc that will help ease their journey and move them forward toward a healthier life

  • We do this by

  • Updating charts/records on MindBody Online, our HIPAA-compliant online database

  • Setting up, and following up on, appointments with integrative care practitioners

  • Processing donations, online or over the phone, 100% of which go toward programmatic support, including supplies, event space, etc

  • Thrivers are welcome to, but not expected to, support our staff in their programmatic duties -- namely with event planning/marketing, set-up & clean-up

We ask that Thrivers interested in service and support join us at our office in Chelsea NYC once per week, for at least 3-4 hours up to 6-8 hours in a day. We will train and indoctrinate you over several weeks into interfacing with members, learning about our various services and programs, and using our online database system of monitoring members at all stages of diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Your personal and experiential understanding of breast cancer is of incomparable importance when it comes to engaging with our community. We encourage women to advocate for themselves, to not just survive but THRIVE! As our own staff can attest to, with over a decade of experience under their collective belt, the advice and wisdom of a fellow sister, another cancer survivor, is an amazing resource for the newly diagnosed.

Please get in touch to learn more and join us in this amazing mission of solidarity and support for our cancer sisterhood! Email your credentials & availability to:

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