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What is reality?? Focus and Frequency.

I think about this way too much. So, I thought that perhaps I would share some of my quantum ramblings with those interested parties. I believe that reality is a reflection by our perceptions! It’s no secret.

Some things I know:

• The root of all of our perceptions is the ego/personality, ie: the filter or vibration at which the perception or stimulus comes through. The frequency we filter the stimulus through generates the actual perception.

• The reality we experience is a function of frequencies.

• We react 95% of the time to subconscious mind after age 7. We are habitually steeped in negative frequencies from a young age, so reprogramming is essential.

• The frequency we’re resonating at can be changed by consciously programming ourselves to a different frequency.

• Our DNA is programmed by our emotions/frequencies not the other way around.

• Cellular environment and physical environment is intertwined and reacts to frequencies.

• By changing the frequency (even manually) for as long as it takes you begin to change physical expression of molecular structure (reality).

I use frequencies in my work to help remove blockages. I believe we can reproduce or start to resonate at different frequencies to experience different realities. Watch I’ll show you 🙂 It could seem ‘woo woo’ but it’s really just physics and epigenetics.

Quantum theory holds that all particles of matter are made of exactly the same thing, but differ only in that they are held together by a string of varying vibration. The only difference between our living organism and a chair is the frequency, speed, vibration at which they resonate. Furthermore, the observation of matter, changes matter! Now the new medical science Epigenetics says that cellular environment is key to cellular expression, regardless of DNA coding. How do we change our cellular environment? For the purpose of this entry, lets talk only frequencies.

The frequency of love 528hz is sacred. Its the vibration of a blade of grass, it’s the vibration of creation. It can clear polluted water. It can change the environment. Sound frequencies interact with physiology. So, let’s all evolve into aligned high frequency creators! Science seems to be leading us to spirituality. To bastardize one of Einstein’s quotes “Science without faith is lame, faith without science is blind.” (I took out religion and replaced it with faith).

I survived cancer ten years ago. Rather than saturating my cells with chemo and radiation, I consciously fed them a consistent diet of love on all levels. Meditation retreats, healthy food, the limit of environmental chemicals, toxic people, and then a focus on community to help others. It took huge focus. I have also been on mainstream media fast for years now and I find it helps. Plenty leaks through, even though I’ve turned off my TV service.

My view is this: we see/hear the news and it activates our core belief system. The horrific stories repeated over and over; that the world is vibrating at a lower frequency of anger or hatred or fundamentalism, murder, rape or greed. We hear these negative frequencies and they get repeated, implanted, linked in to permeate every particle of our being. This forms a skewed version of our surroundings. We often feel hopeless, powerless and start to think the terrible will always outweigh the good, apathy ensues. Or worse, our mind generates thoughts and emotions based on this skewed version of reality so we react with the vibration of hate towards that greed or deed, or pride because we are better than that ‘supremacist’ pattern, or ill-will towards perpetrators of that injustice, gossip or violence. We spin that around, and begin to emit that very vibration. Then we attract the same. Like attracts like.

I refuse to see any lower frequency as reality. I can see the injustice, but I focus on hope. It’s Pollyanna but it works for a sensitive like me. This is why I don’t do most media, or horror, or certain foods or other forms of low vibrations. I consciously consume. Though no one is perfect, and imbalance will always creep in, I actively try to consume and regurgitate just the positive stuff. Good deeds, love, compassion, community. Thus, I created my reality.

Media and sometimes life in general does not repeat the good stories over and over to activate us into love. That is our job!! Truth is lots of very, very joyful and heartwarming stuff is happening all over, and over again. We say we want these higher frequencies, but how often, even when we begin to feel love for someone does our habit pattern react with fear?? We feel vulnerable and back away, sabotage, protect ourselves, worry about being made a fool, we make it all conditional. And by focusing on the negative, we create….

We are habitually conditioned into lower consciousness levels, and that is how we become slaves to a sub-par reality. When our patterns are such, we identify with negative emotions through the ego and WALLAH, we’re now miserable. Pass it on! However, you choose which station your brain is set to, and you can change the station. Period. You are a creator.

When we learn to recognize this truth and focus only on higher emotions; see only gifts and only take action at the frequency of love, joy, compassion. We can remain happy, light and free. That energy is shared because you are connected and resonating at that frequency. You do not get depleted. When the fear comes, when the anger comes you feel it immediately it feels “EWW!” You see it as it is, a lie, like a cloud crossing your blue sky, and you do not talk to it. Balance returns.

Many work with death and dying, so do I. Yet I am often told “I don’t know how you do what you do. I couldn’t do it.” My teacher Joan Halifax said, “soft front, strong back”, it’s quite brilliant and simple actually. People build hard fronts because they fear their back is not strong enough to take sorrow. Don’t believe that lie. Your back is strong enough to take any thing and therefore your heart can remain open.

The spiritual connection in any of us lies above the heart, but one must stay in the heart or love vibration 528hz long enough to connect all the lower chakras, the DNA gets crossed repeatedly by this high and tight frequency, and then, at some point the DNA strands start to evolve, and the chakras connect and the higher self manifests. The key is to open the throat and third eye chakra, after that even the crown can begin to open.

Have you ever had this happen? If you have had a ‘peak’ experience, you know in this moment your reality changes and you can see utopia, joy!! You can now live that vision, if only for a moment, you BELIEVE in magic –because it becomes your reality. The book of life opens.

Eventually, if you focus your frequency for long enough, with enough belief, you can become a wireless transmitter in direct communion with the divine creator energy. At this point you recognize and can live up to the divine within you, and you recognize and amplify ONLY that energy in yourself AND OTHERS. It’s not permanent, nothing is. I’m sure many of you may have felt this opening, seen the mountaintop. Then the dark clouds roll in again. But once you see the mountaintop you know it’s there, you know the way to it. You can keep climbing with more stamina and focus.

Enlightenment and creation is a journey not a destination. Even if you get there for a moment, it transforms and changes. We all must keep climbing, it’s forever a reach –as it should be! Start again; my favorite mantra.

Perhaps, if we all start again and change our frequency, then we can change reality in it’s entirety! Not just in my world but in the whole world. This is the new utopia, I see it clearly. This is the next reality. We can and will create it. Undoing our negative habit patterns, replacing them with higher frequencies manifests new freedom.

All the pain that happens– it’s inevitable. All the loss, struggle and heartache, it challenges us to move above. Who would we be without it? This material plane can change if you reach towards seeing through the temporary darkness, rather than getting bitter and jaded by it. Compassion builds, suffering is quelled. I believe this is what we are here to do, as spiritual beings who will get sick, and will die, and will have pain. This is why we get to a point in life where we scream ‘is this all there is?!?’ If we recognize and take responsibility for the divinity within us, we become creators not victims.

The suffering comes after the pain, it is avoidable; by not reacting with a lower frequency to the vicissitudes; you neutralize the charge and you stop the wheel of suffering. Even if you experience direct injustice that hasn’t been rectified, you can control your reaction to the lower frequency that’s been played or perpetrated upon you. Send it to the heart and emit 528hz. It’s all an opportunity to respond with wisdom. This is resilience. This is Buddha, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jesus, Mandala, Mother Teresa and so many other examples of love from strife. This is life. This is where science mixes with spirituality. It’s all about Focus and Frequency, and Frequency of Focus!!

If you’re a cancer survivor come to our Sound Baths @You Can Thrive! and bathe in the frequencies of health!

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