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Naughty & Nice Recipes for the Holidays

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

This is that unique time of year when we are feeling especially drawn to treating ourselves & celebratory indulgent eating and also hyper aware of the new year approaching and our health goals. We feel torn...are going to be naughty or nice (to ourselves)? Why not be both. Check out these recipes created by our YCT! founder, Luana DeAngelis, below that will bring some holiday cheer into your lives while also being kind to the waist line & will make your skin glow like Mrs. Clause on Christmas Eve. Also, follow us on IG for more recipes like this in the coming days. Photo credit: Chayo Mata

Strawberry & Coconut Cream Smoothie

½ cup raspberries,

¼ cup dried (or soaked) goji berries

5 strawberries,

1.5 oz ningxia red,

1/2 cup almond milk,

1 beet,

1 tbsp flaxseeds,

optional Young Living protein mix – powermeal or balance

complete, optional cacao nibs

For the cream twirl:

Coconut macadamia ice cubes


1/4 cup macadamia nuts (raw)

Add 1 can of coconut cream

Blend until smooth.


Add to smoothie and stir.

Cacao Boost + No-Eggnog

Cold Cacao Boost • Ginger/Tangerine or Mint!

(this can replace coffee)

3 cups nut milk *hemp works too

1/2 cup ground raw cacao nibs

3 teaspoons cocoa powder

Trehalose, or Monkfruit to taste,

1 tbsp coconut oil

Mix ½ tsp arrowroot with a dash of cold almond milk, stir into thick paste (to prevent clumping when adding)

Keep warming mixture over the low heat. Do not boiling. Stir occasionally until cacao thickens slightly and is very flavorful. Blend and Chill in a glass jar. Serve in shot glasses.

Fun Flavor Options:

Ginger: add diced fresh ginger during the 40+minute simmering process. The longer you simmer the better the flavor. Infuse with ginger by using immersion or regular blender to blend ginger into the cacao mixture. Allow to cool. Drink in yummy shots for delicious energy boost!

Or: Sprinkle Cayenne pepper (🌶 to taste) for an extra anti-inflammatory boost.

Or: Add two (or more) drops of Tangerine or Orange Oil if you love the taste of chocolate/orange!

Or: Add a drop of Peppermint Oils for a mint-chocolate blessing!

Vegan No-eggnog:

1 cup cashew nuts soaked for 1-3 hours

1/2 can coconut cream

2 cup of water

1 tsp vanilla

Trehalose, or Monkfruit to taste

Pinch of salt

1/4 tsp salt

Blend soaked nuts

Top with: Shaved coconut

or Nutmeg and cinnamon as desired

Blend until fluffy


Makes 5 servings


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