YCT! Exclusive Interview with Fran Drescher

This summer YCT! Founder Luana DeAngelis & YCT! Program Director, Eileen Moran had the opportunity to have a chat with the iconic actress & activist Fran Drescher about cancer, life & the interconnectedness of it all. Read below for some beautiful insights from our friend, Fran and let it brighten your day.

We asked Fran about some of the lessons she has learned by being a cancer survivor and he's what she said:

“So many people say, “heal the planet heal yourself” but it’s; heal yourself and heal the planet.”

“We are interconnected and interdependent with everything around us.” said Fran.

“There a silver lining in every dark cloud” said Fran

“The care that we give them throughout their entire life cycle is just as important because this concept of aftercare and preventative care and acute care is in our eyes, almost all the same. And we know that you feel the same with your emphasis on nutrition and exercise and integrative care, and really putting health and care back into health care.” said Eileen

“The home is the most toxic place, we have to ask ourselves, why did this happen? Why am I in this mess? What has happened to me that has broken down my immune system? Because the immune system should be able to handle most things that come to us.”

“I'm someone that is constantly trying to reinvent the wheel, I do not abide by the status quo. I break it down, and I cracked the code. And I try and fix what's broke.” said Fran

“You know, and I feel like I got famous, I got cancer, and I live to talk about it. So that all helps to make sense out of the senseless, turning your pain into purpose. Yeah, that's what we're both doing. But on some level, you have to also ask yourself, what are you carrying in terms of pain from your past, perhaps, you know, all of that stuff because you can put a lot of energy out there. that's of critical importance. Because you have a purpose, and this is your destiny.”

“We distance ourselves from ourselves, because we're out there helping so many people and you said, Don't give me acupuncture, I want to give 1000 women acupuncture. And that's great. As long as you have the time and focus on you, because if you're not seeing yourself, because you have this full sense of being empowered by helping other people, you are helping other people. But you must help yourself” said Fran.

“People say I'm so depressed because there's so many things wrong with the world. And I say to them, you know, what, don't try to fix the world. fix yourself. Yes. within you, yes. If you can just fix yourself. You're already making a significant change in the world. Each one teaches one, yes. But there's so much that we miss within ourselves, because we're looking out there.” said Fran

“Yesterday, I think it was a girl came over with his dog because I like my dog to get to play with other dogs. And she's wearing these heavy kind of work boots. And I said, you know, we're going to get wet. She said, I don't care if the boots get wet. I said, No, no, take your boots off. Don't you want to feel the energy of the earth, we're on the beach surfing, there's all these negative ions, the energy field, the earth, you're like an antenna, let it you know, recalibrate your body's energy field.” said Fran.

“We wanted to ask you how you keep yourself, you know, giggling and positive in these really otherwise? uncertain times?

Well, you know it's a daily practice. Yeah. It's something that you have to be mindful of. You're never you're always going to be pulling yourself back into the positive light because, you know, I'm a Buddhist or Buju and so that's something that is very much a through line of philosophy. All of that noise is going to be distracting you and you got to always kind of pull it back. You know, what brings me joy; I like Big City