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Wellness Tips for COVID and Cancer. Beyond Awareness.

At You Can Thrive! we understand that staying healthy during difficult times is paramount, and often support is needed. Our team is here to help, and who better to guide us through time of uncertainty and devastating illness than those who have gotten through the worst of health issues and treatment.

We have so many Tips for Thriving! that we’ve collected in helping others thrive through breast cancer since 2005. Here’s some essential tips to help you focus on health today!

“Many natural herbs and even spices have antiviral properties. Things like Cinnamon, sage, basil, clove, thyme, eucalyptus (many types), and Melalauca are very helpful remedies for staying well, preventing illness and even recovery. But prevention is priceless!”

- Luana DeAngelis

You are going to want to be part of this.

An essential tea recipe - Holy Basil Tea

Commonly called Tulsi Tea, has many health benefits. Other herbs like cinnamon, sage, basil, clove, thyme, eucalyptus ), and Melalauca can be both relaxing and medicinal. Steep them with hot water as long as you desire and replenish as needed. Enjoy the warm cup for the coming season.

*Please note that sage can be mildly estrogenic, so if you are concerned with breast cancer and estrogen use with caution.

For more tips please follow us for more upcoming events.

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