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The Beauty and Benefits of Dry Brushing by Lisa O’Gorman, CEC

When it comes to cleaning and self-care, you take great efforts in brushing your hair and teeth. Sometimes, it is even advisable that you brush your lips gently,to make them smooth. But have you ever considered a full-body brushing? As bizarre as it may seem, do you not think your body deserves the same kind of care and pampering? Here is what you need to know.

First things first, you cannot just use any brush and begin the process. Remember, the bristles will touch your skin. So, you need to use a brush that has softer bristles, which can be used on the skin in circular motions, right before you get under the shower. Keep in mind that while the brush can be used on the rest of the body, the face and the neck area are to be avoided, because the skin here is sensitive.

Why should you do it?

Well, experts say that dry brushing can help you immensely, because it is believed to stimulate the flow of blood to the skin. This can keep your skin healthy in the long run, and also keep it safe from the process of premature aging. Dry brushing is also believed to help with natural exfoliation.As such, it can get rid of dead skin cells, and any dirt and grime stuck on the surface. But, the more interesting bit is that it can get rid of ingrown hair, too. It is also believed that the process can tighten your skin and reduce some cellulite.

1: make the sure the brush has soft bristles, and not hard ones which can harm you

2: the movement must always be circular, to help with the blood flow

3: most important! do not get so excited that you are not gentle and end up with a more damaged skin — full of redness and scratches

4: don’t forget to clean your brush often (at least weekly) with natural soap and warm water

Once you are done brushing the body, get under the shower, and use a mild, soothing body cleanser. Avoid using anything else. And once you are done showering, make sure you moisturize your skin to get back the goodness and the moisture that may have been scrubbed off while brushing. But if you have sensitive skin, you should check with your dermatologist first.

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