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Healing The Heros- YCT! Opens its Services to the Frontline

- The Mental Game: What Breast Cancer Survivors Can Share with Us About Navigating a Health Crisis With Mental Resilience

Who better to guide us through uncertain times than those who have spent years navigating the unknown waters of cancer? You Can Thrive! offers a holistic wellness paradigm to breast cancer patients and survivors, and in response to COVID19 has expanded their services for First Responders, Essential Workers and at-risk Vulnerable populations.

You Can Thrive! provides equal access to an evidence based model including modalities such as therapeutic sound, EFT Tapping, acupuncture, massage, meditation, Qi Gong, yoga, reflexology, Reiki and others to alleviate suffering, promote long term wellness and better outcomes for survivors. We have great B-roll of their daily free wellness classes and 1-on-1 services. 

Holistic wellness expert &  cancer thriver Luana DeAngelis founded You Can Thrive! 15 years ago. The award-winning New York City  based nonprofit offers free and low-cost holistic services for breast cancer patients and survivors.    At a time when many nonprofits are shutting their doors, YCT! has been able to continue their independent & unique effective patient navigation and wellness services, but has actually expanded nationally their critical mission to those at high-risk by this pandemic.

Knowing that survivors are best equipped to help others in fear for their health and safety, You Can Thrive! is managed & driven by those who have survived cancer and is facilitated by a vast array & highly experienced holistic professional volunteers- supporting mental resilience and immunity, and using conscious and respectful language are key values of their work and areas where they would like to share their expertise during this important time.    Who better to safeguard the preventative health of our communities.

84-90% of PTSD Survivors Find Relief with Tapping - How You Can Thrive! is Bringing Holistic Services Like EFT Mainstream During the Pandemic  source

About You Can Thrive:

YCT! For 15 has facilitated access to a holistic care paradigm, starting with BC, to create a better quality of life for people experiencing a breast cancer diagnosis.    On the 15 year anniversary of our mission, we have opened our doors to other populations who are experiencing trauma & life threatening illness.   

Since 2005,  You Can Thrive! (YCT)  has fulfilled the mission of ensuring that anyone with breast cancer has access to the full spectrum of resources needed for best outcomes, regardless of income. Holistic services are facilitated in safe spaces where community, trust and support flourishes. YCT focuses on better health outcomes especially in low income, marginalized communities who tend to have late stage diagnoses, less access to medical care and poorer overall health.   YCT! does this by providing access to an array of holistic services remotely accessible anywhere across the US such as patient navigation, EFT Tapping, Guided Imagery with Sound, Nutritional Counseling, and Reiki.   As well, YCT! offers in person services such as Acupuncture, Reflexology, Therapeutic Sound, Reiki, Facials, Shiatsu Massage & other Integrative Services in our NYC offices. Please visit or contact us at to schedule an intake with one of our Patient Navigators to start accessing services right away.

Read about inspiring Survivor, Thriver and Founder Luana DeAngelis!

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