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Evolution Emergency: If Not Now, When?

Updated: Jul 23, 2022


At You Can Thrive! we have served at the crossroads between holistic health care and usual care, since 2005. We are actively observing what has occurred during the pandemic in medicine and politics with ongoing dismay. As the medical field and the political are overstepping more and more, it’s time to comment on the lack of autonomy and the social justice backsliding that is effecting all people, not just those with cancer or high risk of cancer and other disease.

The ‘whole-care’ aspect of healing, has always been our tenant. We support helping any human to make their own informed, unbiased decisions that honor the entirety of their personal situation and beliefs. In our navigation, we allow (mostly women) to feel safe, in order to create coherence. Forming their next step towards healing is the first and most important factor for quality of life and better outcomes. Intuition is erased if we cannot weigh what is most beneficial for personal health. Providing options and education for crucial, timely medical choices saves lives and impacts generations for the better.

When people are in fear they freeze. They cannot make informed strategies. They end up in prolonged fight or flight —the worst way to live. Living like that illustrates violence at its’ very core.

We now navigate the muddy waters of bodily autonomy. Nothing seems clear, except the politics of control place choice at the core of everything now. It’s all intertwined.

Crafting a personal plan for your medical options is, from my considerable experienced standpoint, truly the key that can unlock the secrets of our innate intelligence for all healing, both societal and personal. Taking control from the individual to any agency is terrifying. In order to know what is right and beneficial for each individual (and the whole of society), we look at the wide angle lens. The right to choose and have fully informed decisions is the epitome of the meaning of freedom. Any mandating of our medical choices (whether scientifically sound or individually relevant) represents losing a sacred right to bodily freedom.

We must think very hard and be very strong right now, because history illustrates that legislating personal decisions to any political or medical organization undermines our ability to decide about our own sacred human form. Legislating a flawed system to sweeping personal decisions seems non-sensical to this writer. Moreover, the power of choice belongs only to the individual and whoever they decide to consult to put that into the hands of an uncompromising and biased institution is madness.

History has shown absolute power corrupts absolutely. Medical tyranny is defined by making a law to allow choices about our body’s health to be taking our of our own hands into the institution or political party. If this happens, we no longer own even our own body. When you allow corporation to weigh more heavily than individuals, to have a heavy handed vote (as if they were human), our system suffers egregiously.

Laws or mandates that steal our right to make personal medical decisions illustrate just how much the impersonal corporate structure is trying to owns us as individuals. This is about control and it will not stop here if we allow it. What belongs to us then? Just recently, a little girl only 10 years old, was raped multiple times. She was then further traumatized when told that she needed to endure travel across state lines in order to receive crucial medical care, in the form of a necessary abortion. Is this freedom? Will forced birth now represent as the law of our land? When intimate rights are sanctioned and a minority imposes regulations on our body, for whatever reason we are required to resist.

May we all think, long and hard, about our right to make decisions for ourselves and our family privately. Let’s insist that politicians and legislators allow the people to follow their own moral compass, trusting individuals, rather than political entities to care for our own personal space.

We are here to help should you need education, care or support. Please reach out. Now is the time to stand strong and make sure to take care of your bodily autonomy by resisting and rallying against bullying in any form by anyone. If not now when?

Luana DeAngelis, Founder/Chief Visionary Officer

The opinions expressed here do not represent the entire community @ our organization, we hope all will be open to meaningful discourse

Feel free to post comments as we are always open to hearing your voice..

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