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COVID-19: Healing through crisis

A heartfelt message from our founder Luana DeAngelis:

At You Can Thrive!, we are connected to our community and we feel so many suffering. Constantly, we extend our heart energy to this terrifying plight. Do not despair we are here with you. We have never left. 

During extreme changes and challenges we reach deeper into our extensive resources built exactly for times like these. A holistic call to action to remain calm and connected. Understand that this trial-by-fire will challenge and change us deeply. We can do this— together. 

Our 15 year anniversary of service is this year. In all this time our work at the front lines of the most vulnerable populations, and all the integrative wisdom we’ve gleaned, leaves us uniquely qualified for thriving during COVID-19 and after this. Our community and our world needs holistic healthcare with compassion to thrive. So if not now, WHEN? 

NOW, our world and our lives are being pruned, being cut into a different shape. We feel the beauty and sadness so clearly. Room is being made for new beginnings, as so much falls away…. Remember, those practices in our model of care that have helped thousands of people diagnosed with cancer are paramount for healing and health, right NOW. 

NOW is the time to strengthen the new paradigm. Now we rise to greet the new earth, the Utopian vision of complete HEALTH care for ALL. 

We’ve moved online during this period to offer virtual programming and services to our members, and now it is accessible for everyone in need. Our mission has always been about those in vulnerable populations, and now that is ALL OF US. Come join us and invite others. 

We are ready to ride out this crisis, and need your support. We rise as ONE, keeping our community strong and growing. As survivors we can teach so many how to survive and thrive because that is our strength. 

We give, and we hope that you are served with love, and are at some point able to reciprocate. I invite you to please use your tools and the expanded resources that we are now offering for free online. Call us if you need anything our offices are open. Care for yourselves as we care for you. 

Do not forget to GIVE in any way you can. Let’s band closer to keep our mission upheld and fly into a more compassionate future untethered. 

Stay strong. Be well.

With love and gratitude,

Luana DeAngelis

Founder/Chief Visionary Officer

PLEASE DONATE in any way as we band closer to keep our mission upheld and reach into a more compassionate future and embrace this change.

Here is a list of resources including In God's Love We Deliver if you are in need of food at this time.

Your gift now can lead us into the holistic shift our WORLD is crying out for.

Here’s ways you can help to continue to be there for our community :

With love and gratitude,

Luana DeAngelis

Founder/Chief Visionary Officer

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