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Compassionate Presence for Metastatic Breast Cancer Thrivers with Bedside Music

What is the service that Catharine DeLong might offer to YCT clients?

Your friends at You Can Thrive want to support you at every stage in your journey.

As individuals become more sick it is increasingly difficult for them to reach out for support. You might not have the energy, either physically or psychically to participate in the same way you have in the past. You may no longer be able to travel. You might be feeling like you failed in the event of a rediagnosis. It’s possible that you might need to rely on a loved-one or other advocate to contact patient navigators on your behalf. Rest assured that we will bring reiki and sound services to you, and to your loved ones up until and even after your last breath is taken.

How can music at the end of life make a difference? It can help you be present to what is going on within and around your body. It can help you release fear. Harp and voice together provide a calming salve for the nervous system. This form of therapy can offer you and your loved ones moments of beauty and transcendence. It can create meaningful memories.

I am a certified music-thanatologist. My training is specific to serving individuals who are approaching the end of life. The vibrating strings of the harp have offered powerful healing medicine for millennia. The weeks and days leading up to death allow for an accelerated form of living that can be vibrant and full of profound work on a soul level. It is my intention to help individuals make meaning of this potent moment in time.

Please visit my website in order to learn a little more about me and my work, at Contact the YCT! office to set up a pro bono music or contemplative care session. Support sessions -availability upon request.

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