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Wisdom + Wellness Integrative Cancer Symposium

The first annual Wisdom + Wellness Integrative Cancer Symposium will be held on Sunday, October 27th at The Greenwich Arts Council, 299 Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich, CT.

The mission of the Wisdom + Wellness Symposium is to inform, inspire and connect like- minded people and resources. The Symposium was created for patients who want to heal from cancer and Thrive, health professionals, advocates, caregivers and anyone interested in prevention. The focus of Wisdom + Wellness is on evidence-based research and demonstrated results, using integrative medicine and natural healing protocols.

The day will feature highly respected and innovative doctors from near and far. Representatives from Germany, Greenwich, Stamford, New York, Long Island and Florida will be present to share their expert knowledge of integrative wellness. Event topics will range from lifestyle to lab work. There will be Patient Panel discussion moderated by Julia Chiappetta, Greenwich Resident, Advocate, Columnist and Author, “Breast Cancer The Notebook.” She implemented a natural protocol for healing from breast cancer. The Patient Panel will feature individuals who have experienced extraordinary results through natural as well as unconventional treatments, including: Elisa Gorman, Stamford Resident, Breast Cancer Thriver, Blogger “My Conscious Healing,” and Ann Fonfa, Annie Appleseed Project. Attendees will also experience unique Therapeutic Sound Immersion by Volute.

Sypmposium Keynote speaker Henning Saupe, M.D. Ph.D., remarks that “Throughout my medical studies, my interest in life sciences and the science of vitality didn’t get well nourished. In fact, nutrition was never a topic in six-and-a-half years of training in medical school and as I have learned from my younger colleagues, it is still not a part of the curriculum.” He added, “Nutritional medicine and simple basic things like detoxification to keep a vital body alive and Thriving, is nothing a medical doctor learns at medical school.”

Dr. Saupe founded the Arcadia Praxis clinic in Bad Emstal, Germany. Over the past 30 years, he has studied the wide field of non-toxic complementary and naturopathic cancer treatments. Today, at his clinic in Germany, he offers the most effective and science-based treatments such as: hyperthermia, insulin potentiated therapy, oxygen and ozone therapies, laser and photodynamic therapy and individual lifestyle coaching.

Featured speakers at Wisdom + Wellness include: Michael Finkelstein, MD, Founder of The Slow Medicine Foundation and SunRaven in Bedford, New York, Michael Diamond, MS, DC, Founder of Diamond Integrative Health in Patchogue, New York and John Malanca, Founder of United Patients Group & Host of The Sacred Plant docuseries.

Volute is founded by Therapeutic Sound Practitioners Sara Glassini, Eileen Moran and Christopher Cherney, who use sound to link the organizing principles of the universe with our desire to connect to them, creating homeostasis and well-being. Sara is a healing arts and sound therapy specialist for cancer and Alzheimer's patients, those suffering from stress, anxiety and depression, and people who want to restore and nurture a state of harmony and happiness. Eileen, Programs Director at You Can Thrive! and a two-time breast cancer survivor, specializes in curating immersive programming with therapeutic sound, botanical medicine, meditation, yoga, integrative therapies and movement. Christopher, an award-winning composer and educator, has survived colon and pancreatic cancers. Since his wife’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s several years ago he has been using his expertise to promote sound and music as modalities that enhance healing and caretaking. He works primarily with cancer and Alzheimer’s patients.

Kathryn Doherty, Symposium Director and Greenwich resident, said, “I have had experience with cancer over the past 40 years. As an advocate and caregiver for my mother, father, husband, and most recently as a patient, few topics go deeper for me than this disease.” Doherty now works with bestselling author Dr. Kelly Turner as a Certified Radical RemissionTM Instructor, coach and speaker. Kathryn has presented internationally on the Nine Healing Factors identified by Dr. Turner as common in over 1,500 documented cases of those that turned cancer around, against all odds.

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