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Find your Power in Nature and Build Strength through Sisterhood....

A Spring Women’s Wellness & Leadership Retreat at Sky Lake Lodge.

Join You Can Thrive! founder Luana DeAngelis & Reciprocity Foundation founder Taz Tagore at a quiet and introspective Upstate Retreat! You Can Thrive! and Reciprocity are offering a special weekend with a sisterhood of women from all backgrounds & cultures. From April 26-28, find yourself in nature through healing sound, talk & empowering workshops designed to invigorate & inspire you to your true potential. Healthy food, Yoga, Self-Care, Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Sound and Guided Meditation Workshops and so much more! This retreat is free of charge by interview.

Contact us today: Call: 646-887-4102 or 917-463-4267


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