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Cultivating Your Life Force.... with a Little Help from Tim Klempt

Tim Klempt introduced You Can Thrive! members to the benefits of Qigong during our intimate September 9th event at Reflections Yoga. After an enlightening talk on this ancient health system, he led us through a practice designed for breast cancer.

Already convinced by the benefits of acupuncture, which also focuses on Qi (pronounced chi and translated as life force), when Tim mentioned the free Medical Qigong Clinic at The Institute for Classical Asian Studies (ICAS), I was keen to learn more. I’m preparing for another round of surgeries and have been feeling challenged physically and emotionally, so a Qi checkup seemed in order.

Savy, the person who books the appointments, led a number of us into a room for the group session. I was a little surprised it wasn’t patient, student and supervisor in a private room but that didn’t prove to be as distracting as I thought it might. Focusing on my breath helped; after a few minutes, Tim’s breath work and the gentle breeze created by his arm movements around me eclipsed all other stimuli.

Tim asked if there was anything particular bothering me and I pointed out my problem spots. He then proceeded to “assess” my Qi without any laying on of hands. He discussed his findings with the instructor, who came over to the massage table on which I was perched and again, without any physical contact, did another assessment. Accommodating my post-surgical limitations, Tim instructed me to lie down on my side and began the treatment. While his hand was on the center of my back, I felt a channel of energy just above it coursing to the left. Suddenly, the flow made a u turn and surged to the right. It was as if he had redirected a force within my body.

The entire process consisted of light to medium pressure and long sweeping motions. At the end of the session, Tim explained my lungs were the focus of the treatment. As I watched him demonstrate “The Crane,” an exercise he suggested I do at home, his movements evoked this majestic, streamlined bird.

I left both relaxed and energized. I look forward to spreading my wings, keeping my life force moving and returning to the clinic.

Appointments, which last for about 45 minutes, are available Sunday mornings at 10:15 and 11 through November; there is no charge for Thrivers. While not mandatory, clients are encouraged to attend every Sunday to provide consistency and effectiveness for both client and practitioners.


Savy Mangru

Clinic location:

273 Bowery

University Settlement House

Corner of Bowery and Houston next to Whole Foods (the Y is in the same building)

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