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We are Pink for People!

I am Pink for People because for every dollar donated goes directly to patient care. We embrace the large Breast Cancer Research programs; however, most of the donations to those institutions go to fund research, not to patient care. Did you know, 1out 8 women will get Breast Cancer this year?

I am a Breast Cancer Survivor, 17 years out. YCT was not even established when I was diagnosed. Now knowing the depth and breadth of the organization then, I know I would have welcomed the care and support.

It was extraordinary to me that YCT had been in existence for 14+ years, with limited awareness. The services that YCT have afforded women going through this life altering experience, who can least afford it, has been unbelievable.

As a Thriver, I have been amazed at the services that are offered at YCT; every Thursday evening at Reflections Yoga, you can experience Sound Alchemy, Reflexology, Reiki, Facials and Yoga services that are offered at low cost fees. All of these services are provided by licensed practitioners, who volunteer their time to our community to help ease the pain of breast cancer treatments. This Monday, October 14th, we have an exciting Rooftop Yoga event at 930a and 1130a at 230 Fifth Avenue overlooking Manhattan’s iconic Empire State Building. Tickets are $40, please support the cause. Visit: So are you, Pink for People?

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