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Updated: Aug 9, 2020

You Can Thrive! always strives to provide a safe and trusted source of information about all types of cancer care and treatment options for anyone seeking information or evidence based or insurance resources to thrive! Here's a list of some things we've found. Please Contact us if you have a resource to share!


If you are diagnosed with cancer and underinsured check out these important links:

The Medicaid Cancer Treatment Program (MCTP) is a Medicaid program for eligible persons who are found to be in need of treatment for breast, cervical, colorectal or prostate cancer (and in some cases, pre-cancerous conditions of these cancers).

To be enrolled in the MCTP, an individual must complete an application with a New York State Department of Health Cancer Services Program (CSP) trained designee, referred to as a Designated Qualified Entity (DQE). A DQE is a person designated and trained by the New York State Department of Health as a "Qualified" entity, for the purpose of assisting individuals to complete the MCTP application.

Once an individual is enrolled in the MCTP, full Medicaid coverage is provided for an initial period of enrollment as determined by the type of cancer or pre-cancerous condition being treated. Recertification is required yearly, if the individual is still in need of treatment, at which time eligibility is reassessed. Enrollees must receive services from a Medicaid enrolled provider in order to have their services covered. MCTP coverage is limited to the individual enrollee and cannot be extended to family members or dependents.

Please contact your local CSP office to be connected with a DQE who will verify eligibility and assist with applying for MCTP:

CSP Bronx – 718-579-6453

CSP Brooklyn – 718-250-8708

CSP Manhattan – 212-851-4516

CSP Queens – 718-670-1561

CSP Staten Island – 718-226-6447