Help us provide comfort for those in need.

 Don't just survive,


Holistic services in an equitable 'whole-care' model, 

starting with breast cancer & disparities. 

Since 2005, we have worked in NYC to filled a need for equal access to services & resilience 

when people need it most, after a diagnosis of breast cancer.


Now we rise representing a gentle, inclusive era in healthful care that was missing in the usual care paradigm. Our visionary community utilizes a ‘thriver’ care-team to facilitate holistic education & services model. We ease your journey. Experienced facilitators help you create a plan to help maintain health. Funding pay it forward for those who have active cancer.


These services promote overall well-being using an innovative delivery method --

a turning point that makes a lasting difference in the lives & outcomes of people most in need.


Join us & THRIVE!

Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

"You Can Thrive! has helped me to access so many amazing services during my recovery from breast cancer. Building a healthy body and mind back after surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments takes time, but YCT has been there to help me all along the way." 

— Christine

Self Care = Prevention

Our complete care model is fully accessible to help you thrive, since 2005!

Implement self-care and get the most out of life.


"Don't just survive, join our community and thrive!"

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