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 Don't just survive,


Holistic services in an equitable 'whole-care' model. All proceeds support free care for breast cancer & marginalized groups.

Since 2005, we reside at the intersection of social justice & health equity by facilitating access to evidence-based holistic services to all. Your donations generate free & low cost care for cancer. Our model began in New York City & online worldwide. Our mission offers resilience when people need it most & can afford it least.
Many events & services are free. Retail wellness offerings also pay it forward to those in need. Our outcome driven model provides proof of concept to uplift holistic care, allowing all to receive regardless of income. Together we level the field with consciousness expanding relief & education services through illuminated brand sponsors.
Corporate social responsibility & volunteerism is uplifted to generate real world impact. Gifts are 100% tax deductible. With your support we transform health care into whole care.


Don't just survive, thrive!

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Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

"You Can Thrive! has helped me to access so many amazing services during my recovery from breast cancer. Building a healthy body and mind back after surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments takes time, but YCT has been there to help me all along the way." 

— Christine

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All Videos

Self Care = Prevention

Our complete care model accessible to help you thrive, since 2005!

Implement self-care & get the most out of life. Free/Low Cost/Retail/Membership


"Don't just survive, thrive! Join our community today.


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