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For the Mothers. When she thrives, we all do.

Wow! It’s been a wild ride, right? We are sending you strength. So many of our community have been going through times, traversing trauma, life and those who have left us. SO MUCH! We have shed our skin, we are letting go of our entire way of life. Many of us have moved or been uprooted in other ways. Suffice it to say, we are needing all the RESILIENCE we can muster up! In these trying times we wanted to touch base and check in in from the team at You Can Thrive!

As thrivers (people who have gone through it, and find light in the midst of catastrophe), we know—more than most, how to weather the storms of life. Our motto: “from Surviving to Thriving!” has never been more needed.

As we acknowledge Mother’s Day, we connect and join hearts to those mothers in our life. We as a community can bring in that nurturing, nourishing energy to support ourselves and others now. So we also reach out, because we need you! We need each other. We are birthing a new way of being. Don’t go back!! We must go forward, into re-creation and mother’s are a part of that. Our mission to help people thrive—starts with the women. The MOTHERS of our community. We must support them first. Because when SHE THRIVES—WE ALL DO!!

Give here for the mothers, if you can. Each and every dollar raised helps us implement the new model of WHOLE CARE and as a top rated non-profit we promise to use all donations to facilitate care in the highest light of a new era in healthier communities!

Please keep in touch, let us know if you or someone near you needs care. We are with you ALWAYS in ALL WAYS. In service, the You Can Thrive! team.

Onward and upward--- Luana DeAngelis


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