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Fabulous, Fit and Fun in ’21!!

by Lisa O’Gorman, CEC

Welcome to 2021! I know that 2020 was a very challenging and difficult year and I hope that you and your loved ones survived it as well as possible. At the end of 2019, my youngest sister commented on what an awful year it was (referring to the cancer diagnosis that I received) and applauding the arrival of 2020. Recently, I reminded her of that and said “and you thought 2019 was bad!” We both laughed and I was once again reminded of one of our father’s favorite sayings w although I don’t think it was original, “it could always be worse!”

Honestly, throughout the cancer diagnosis, treatment side effects and occasional mental breakdowns, I really was always very grateful for what it was and especially what it wasn’t and could have been. This is not to give you the impression that I sailed thru the whole process gracefully and always being a ray of sunshine. Like any human, I had my ups and downs but at my core I always believed that (although there were the occasional days, one would never know that! 😊)

So here we are at a new year with a fresh clean canvas, waiting to be designed. So, what is it that you are wishing for this new year to be?

Personally, I have always hated “New Year Resolutions”! To me, every day is a clean slate to start over whatever you want/need to and to begin creating new habits, goals and visions. There are some new habits that I have started over the past year that I look forward to continuing and I have a few more that I am starting. My newest goal is to meditate on a more consistent basis. This is something that I have attempted SO many times. In looking at my WHY? I know how much better I feel mentally and spiritually when I do it so what is keeps me from doing it? Just like exercise! When I focus on how I know I will feel after doing it, I am much more motivated to “Just Do It”. As with exercise, I feel better and am a lot more pleasant to be around and more productive. It is an important way that I can take care of myself which allows me to be available to others to help them.

As you think of the things you would like to incorporate into the new year, don’t forget to make having fun the biggest category! During these unprecedented times, that can mean having to be a little more creative but you can do it! Give yourself permission to be silly, funny and full of bliss. Something as simple as watching a beautiful sunset or sunrise can be really fun. Take a walk outside and look at things with “new eyes” or “child eyes” without putting labels or opinions on what you see. Get really curious, go slow and breath. Good self-care isn’t being selfish, its life saving. Remember to “put the oxygen mask on yourself first, before helping others” you get a lot more out of life and so does everyone around you!!

Aside from the most common frustration of not being able to spend time in person with friends and family, most people I have spoken to about their holiday celebrations say that they have appreciated the simplicity of this year’s festivities. Keeping it simple is one of my goals for 2021. There is a beauty unto itself with simple things. Simplicity can require even more creativity in having to figure out how to do things which can add a level of fun (and sometimes frustration- but try not to go there!) to an activity. As the old saying goes “necessity is the mother of invention”

My wish for all this new year is a year of health, happiness, curiosity, simplicity, and bliss! Let the festivities begin!!

Light and Love,


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