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Discounted Tickets For Radical Remission 10-day Livestream Workshop Starting May 4th

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

The mission at Radical Remission has always been to educate and unite those struggling with chronic health issues by creating and fostering a community of hope.

Due to the extraordinary global current events, our team of certified Radical Remission teachers are joining forces to present the first ever 10-day Livestream Workshop through the ZOOM platform beginning May 4. The general admission price is $49 per ticket, but we are offering our members tickets for $30 each.  This is a dramatic 88% discount from the price of the prerecorded Radical Remission online course. Livestream participants will have the added benefit of making human connections in real time, creating new friendships and supporters for life, and coming away with fully realized action plans.

Cancer patients who register for our workshop may be eligible for the Radical Remission Multimodal Intervention Pilot Study at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Researchers at Harvard have officially launched a pilot study to analyze the benefits of the Radical Remission workshop for cancer patients.  We believe this study creates hope for a time when we will better understand the phenomenon of “radical remission,” and we hope you will join us in reaching out to eligible workshop participants who would benefit from learning the 10 healing factors.  Please find more information below.

Call the office to reserve your spot at 917-463-4267

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