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Rebound To Unleash Toxins

Give your lymphatic system a workout by REBOUNDING.

Rebounding is an enjoyable bouncing exercise that is very efficient at moving the lymphatic fluid. It is done on a Rebounder (mini-trampoline), which is light weight, portable and affordable. This is a zero-impact aerobic exercise that anyone can do! Seniors who haven’t exercised in years can start bouncing 2 minutes a day. If that’s too much just sitting on it and bouncing will produce benefits! How amazing is that!

Everyone should begin and end their session with a couple of minutes of gentle bouncing, keeping feet in contact with the mat. If your feet never leave the mat it’s okay. Any type of rebounding is sufficient to strengthen your body and bones, while affecting every joint and cell in a positive way. If you feel up to it bounce high, do some jumping jacks and feel like a kid again! Take it outside and connect with nature while catching some rays.

Unlike our circulatory system the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump! It relies on our movement to stimulate it to flow and drain. It is part of our immune system which defends the body against infection. The lymph fluid passes through the lymph nodes, which filter out toxins, metabolic waste, bacteria and other harmful things which can promote disease. Rebounding every day will keep this system moving and your body strong.

Have fun bouncing your way to health!

by Debbie Pirrone, CHHC

*Caution: Some with advanced cancer need to be careful about stimulating this system for concern of metastasis. Always speak to your healthcare provider before starting a new fitness regimen.

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