Patient Navigation helps patients and caregivers to understand and navigate their diagnosis and the system so that they get the best outcomes possible.

hands on healing

Our training program is helping survivors to 'bring it home'.

You Can Thrive! introduces UrbanThrive!™ training advocates to bring healthier lives to their community.

A training program for Integrative Patient Navigators

We are currently training survivor navigators intersted in breast cancer and natural health awareness through our programs. In the future they can reach out to help in their communities. Many give time working in our center to help other survivors.

Through training, advocates learn about our medical system and how to best leverage the resources so they can help others. This course works for people who have been through the system and want to use their experience, and for integrative health workers who wish to attain further training for a career in healthcare.

Navigators work in communities where people at risk work, reside and congregate in order to help provide support to help them gain access to the best care, and properly utilize and navigate care. This is a growing profession in healthcare.

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