Spring is here time to CLEAN and GROW!

April 19th - "Spring Reiki Shower and Sound Bath"
Spring Shower & Bath Tickets

$50 donation Gives TWO HOURS of Reiki and Live Sound and supports a great cause. You will be amazed at the feelings. Come ready to languish in the sound and float to new frequencies. Please bring Yoga Mat, Blankets, Pillows and whatever you need to be comfortable.

Saturday, April 19 3-5pm
@You Can Thrive!
535 W 23rd. St. Entertainment Center

Featuring Katie Down, MM, MMT, MT-BC, LCAT Music Therapy & Luana DeAngelis, Reiki Master / Founder along with the special guest Reiki therapists from around the area:

Eloise De Leon
Manna Lu
Christine Taylor
Yelena Grutman

Get showered with Reiki and Bathed in Sound at this very special event. Bliss awaits you!

Space is limited so RSVP required.
Phone: 917-463-4267
Mark Your Calendar

Can't come? Consider making a donation anyway! This event will pay for rental space for our survivor programming until the Fall.

(Thriver Circle event to happen from 5-6 for survivors only)

This is a fundraiser event open to ticketed persons 25 max. All proceeds fund our Thrivers events through the fall!

May 3rd - Qi Gong for Breast Cancer

Space is limited so RSVP required.
Phone: 917-463-4267
Mark Your Calendar

The May 3rd Qi Gong class will focus on internal, energetic and meditative self care. Using focused breathing, visualization, color and some self massage, we will explore simple yet highly effective techniques of Qi Gong self healing.

Utilizing the theoretical perspective of "upper, middle, lower and interior, exterior" levels of qi energy in the body, we will remove toxic qi and build with nourishing qi. We will connect our body qi with heaven qi and earth qi, integrating and using Universal Healing Energy that is available for us.

Tim Chambers is a certified Qi Gong Healing Practitioner by Robert Peng, a world renoun Chinese Qi Gong master. Tim is also certified in level II Wan's 3E acupuncture method by Giorgio Repeti.

Strategic Healing - Tim Chambers