Saturday June 27th, 2-4pm

Integrative Nutrition:
Nurturing our lives goes beyond just what we eat!

Health Wheel @ You Can Thrive! Entertainment Room
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535 W 23rd St. MAP IT!
New York
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Eating well, exercising, and avoiding worrisome toxins is important for the healing process. However let's make sure we are also nurturing our lives in other essential arenas to stay balanced! The concept of integrative nutrition involves feeding our minds, bodies, and spirits, by the focusing on supplying primary "foods." This includes nurturing our family life, work life, and spiritual life. Come learn the essentials components of the "plate" of integrative nutrition to help enrich your own healing process!

Join our experienced nutritional team and other THRIVERS for this informative event!

Nishi Talati MD, Integrative Health Coach
As a 29 year old survivor, thriving is the name of the game! While conventional treatment saved her life, it was the non-medical realm that helped Nishi re-center and get back on her feet. Nishi's involvement with You Can Thrive! is not as a physician, but as a peer who understands the unique challenges that accompany breast cancer survivorship. She helps survivors restart their happy, healthy, thriving lives!


Debbie Pirrone, CHHC, AADP

Debbie is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and a long standing volunteer for You Can Thrive! Through her passionate and consistent work at our center and through her remote sessions Debbie gracefully empowers others to take control of their health through sustainable diet and lifestyle changes.


Please contact our offices and register for cancer nutrition coaching with Debbie, Nishi or another nutritional coach.